After much careful programming, and consideration, the long awaited timetable for Saturday January 25th 2014 is ready! Just over a week and a half to go before the celebration begins! 

In addition to the MASSIVE line-up for this event, Trance Nation is arranging not only extra lighting, but also a COMPLETE 3D VIDEO MAPPING WALL with custom made visuals! In the second room the DJ booth will be SURROUNDED by screens, giving a cave-like feel to the stage, this in addition with it’s own unique lighting set-up and visualizations. 


21.00-22.00 CHRIS CORTEZ
22.00-23.00 MARCEL WOODS
23.00-00.00 ALEX M.O.R.P.H
00.00-01.00 CRAIG CONNELLY
01.00-03.00 PAUL VAN DYK
04.40-06.00 SUPER8 & TAB
06.00-07.00 MENNO DE JONG


21.00-22.00 PETE COWNES
22.00-23.00 TUCANDEO
23.00-00.00 CLAY C
00.00-01.00 ANDY DUGUID
01.00-02.00 CLAUDIA CAZACU
02.00-03.00 RAM
03.00-04.00 WILL ATKINSON
04.00-05.00 BJORN AKESSON
05.00-06.00 ORLA FEENEY
06.00-07.00 AKIRA KAYOSA

Open from 21h00 to 07h00 the next morning, The Sand Amsterdam gives Trance Nation the opportunity to celebrate this occasion with EXTRA artists! Additionally, there will be a smoking area (SEPARATE and exclusively smoking only) as well as lockers available for your personal belongings. For those driving to the event, there is ample parking space available around the venue, as well as close access to Public Transport. Trance Nation invites one and all from the global trance community to come and experience this SPECIAL night with us in true global style! 

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NEW for this event, and special for this celebration, Trance Nation is pleased to announce that SUPER VIP tickets are available (as well as normal VIP and Regular admission tickets). SUPER VIP not only gives you access to the exclusive area for Super VIPs, but also a FULL OPEN BAR !!

Regular: €35,-
VIP: €55,-
Super VIP: €125,-

The Sand Amsterdam
Saturday 25 January 2014
21h00 – 07h00




An anniversary is a special occasion. TRANCE NATION’S 15TH ANNIVERSARY celebration however will include more than simply VIP tickets, contests, special visuals and entertainment. On JANUARY 25th 2014, Trance Nation will celebrate its anniversary in grand style, transforming two rooms of The Sand Amsterdam into a sonic playground featuring National and International heroes.

Trance Nation is proud to announce that PAUL VAN DYK, known to his fans as ‘PvD’, will perform an EXCLUSIVE TWO-HOUR SET! Having grown up in former communist East Berlin, this Grammy-nominated Trance pioneer not only twice graced the #1 spot in the DJ Mag Top100 poll, earning several nominations and awards, but also is a self-proclaimed philanthropist. His political and social involvement also earned him an award from the city of Berlin for his dedication and assistance in helping disadvantaged youths.

JAN JOHNSTON, the successful UK-based female vocalist, is well known for her collaborations not only with PvD, Paul Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate, and Tenishia, but also with multiple artists on the Trance Nation line-up. For this reason, she will be performing LIVE on the 25th of January, an announcement sure to be ‘music to the ears’ of her fans.

Next up is introduce SIMON PATTERSON, a name that carries a long list of consecutive #1 hits on Beatport. His DJ sets are of the same stature, combining hi-energy tracks with innovative visuals, surely worth his weight in gold.

ALEX M.O.R.P.H. has had the pleasure of working with the top artists of the International Trance scene such as Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, as well as Faithless. Trance-heads will be pleased to know that he will be in attendance for this special anniversary edition.

From Scandinavia, Finland to be exact, DJ duo SUPER8 & TAB (Miika Eloranta-Super8 and Janne Mansnerus-DJ Tab) will also bring their timeless floor fillers to The Sand on January the 25th.
Of course, what would a Trance party be without the Dutch? National heroes MARCEL WOODS, MENNO DE JONG, RAM and of course, Trance Nation resident CHRIS CORTEZ, are set to give it their all for the ultimate in Trance satisfaction. 2014 is set to be a key year for CHRIS CORTEZ, being set to launch his own label Cortez Records, international gigs, as well as support from major international DJs and producers such as Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz.

Notwithstanding these great talents, the list goes on, placing some very special and successful ladies behind the decks. CLAUDIA CAZACU returns to Amsterdam for this edition, enjoying global success in recent years with her own label Couture and monthly radio show Haute Couture. Additionally, the beautiful ORLA FEENEY will be flying the Irish flag together with male duo TUCANDEO (Danny & Kevin) turning this into an event not to be missed!

With an eye on UK talent, ‘Up and coming’, but no less successful, CRAIG CONNELLY has won the hearts of the audience and his fellow industry mates in a short amount of time. Trance Nation is pleased announce his performance on the 25th of January. The very talented DJ/Producer AKIRA KAYOSA is one of the hottest acts of today. He, in addition to Scottish heroes WILL ATKINSON and ANDY DUGUID capture the full support of the International scene. Last, but certainly not least by any means, are Swedish-bred BJORN AKESSON, CLAY C (Malta), and PETE COWENS (UK). They complete the line-up for this truly landmark edition.

Trance Nation is fully dedicated to its world-class line-up as well as supreme visual entertainment, guaranteeing a night of 100% solid Trance never be forgotten!


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Do not wait and buy your ticket now, Trance Nation will also offer their usual VIP tickets. 


NEW FOR THIS EVENT, and special for this celebration, Trance Nation will offer SUPER VIP tickets. These tickets will give UNLIMITED access to the SUPER VIP OPEN BAR and include UNLIMITED SODA, BEER AND LIQUOR! 


Regular: €35,-
VIP: €55,-
Super VIP: €125,-

The Sand Amsterdam
Saturday 25 January 2014
21h00 – 07h00


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